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Multilingual Group is a full range language service provider
in over 100 languages.

Specializing in Spanish and the Asian languages, with a keen understanding of cultural awareness and nuances, your message will be localized to your targeted audience.  Multilingual Group has constantly adapted and grown to meet the needs of every type of client and will continue to seek innovative ways to support them. Our promise is to deliver accurate, efficient and cost-effective work on every project.  

Our array of translation services benefits a wide range of companies, from healthcare and manufacturing to legal and finance and many more.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus and our outstanding client retention rate is a great indicator of the high-quality service provided.   

A leading international manufacturing company has been a loyal customer for over 10 years and a U.S. based leading health insurance company has been utilizing Multilingual Group’s services for over 14 years!!

Multilingual Group is dedicated to promoting the success of its clients through effective multilingual communications.


These are some of the languages we have translated…from Amharic to Zulu and everything in between.
Even the most specialized dialects are no match for us


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